Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Special Thanksgiving Day Visit

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery on UrbanspoonThanksgiving in the States is always a festive occasion, one which involves the gathering of families and friends to enjoy the company of one another, drink too much Irish Whiskey and Egg Nog, and no doubt watch the Detroit Lions lose another game of what you American's mistakenly call 'Football', a sport with 53 players on a team yet only two can actually touch the ball with their feet! Very peculiar indeed.

On such an occasion, Watson and I in past years might have enjoyed a gathering of our own, filling our quarters at 221-B Baker St. with all manner of guests and associates that we've come to know thru our professional and social circles. This year however, due to a quirk in scheduling we had been invited to attend a Thanksgiving feast at the home of Prince Michael and Lady Elizabeth but such an event was not to take place until FRIDAY, the day after the traditional celebration is observed. It seems that Lady Elizabeth was working at the hospital attending those in much more need than the likes of a couple of old Londoner's and we all readily agreed to postpone our own rejoicing for one day so that we might celebrate together.

Additionally, with Watson's Mum in a wonderful ALF/Sanitarium nearby, we thought this might be a splendid opportunity to visit with Dame Watson and give HER thanks for bringing my old pal into this world. The only ripple with this plan was that Dame Watson insisted on going out and ordering Potato Pancakes for lunch as it had been a long while since she had  had such a treat. And who are WE to deny such a small culinary request?

Now normally this would not have been an issue in ANY manner of being as the options availed one in Northern Pinellas for such a menu item are plentiful. However, on this particular day it might have proven to be more of a quandary had it not been Old Lady Watson herself who suggested "Let's go to Perkins! They have great Potato Pancakes!"

And so it was that we found ourselves at this particular Perkins Family Restaurant on Thanksgiving Day, joined by the lovely Lady Stephanie, ordering all manner of foods to satisfy our inner rumblings. [Rumblings made all the more onerous from an early morning jaunt at the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot in Clearwater at the proverbial crack of dawn.....So early in fact that we were seemingly made responsible to awaken the sun itself!]

The Perkins table was soon filled with Potato Pancakes and Applesauce and sour cream, Blueberry Pancakes with Over-Easy Eggs, Chicken Club Sandwiches, French Toast, Hash Browns, Fresh Fruit, Chicken Soup, and endless pots of coffee for the taking. Hefty portions of all left everyone filled to the brim with much to accompany us home as well but it was the other patrons in the restaurant that had my attention. An endless stream of cars pulling up depositing hungry families, elders and youngsters, fathers and mothers with their OWN father's and mother's, aunt's and uncle's, all ordering from a wide  gauntlet of items including the Thanksgiving Special Turkey Platter with Mashed Potato's, Gravy, and Stuffing for $12.99....Stupendous I say! 

And the PIES and CAKES! Box after Box of delectable goodies taken by nearly all to the car afterward for visits oncoming, with many simply idling outside while cakes and pies were purchased at the counter and brought to the waiting motor coach. 

Everyone employed at this grist-mill was extremely pleasant to deal with and more than happy to accommodate every request, especially our waitperson Holly who was full of smile and simply the epitome of professionalism and poise.

This visit was much more than a pleasant surprise and won Perkins a place in our future endeavors!

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