Sunday, February 10, 2013

Salt Lick Taco Bar - Austin, Tx. Airport

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With the Case of the Traveling Mercenary nearing completion I was deposited at Gate 10 at the Austin Airport with a slight twang of hunger rumbling inside DESPITE having stuffed myself more than I should have during the previous three days. And as luck would have it staring right at me was the enticing sounding and aroma arousing Salt Lick Taco Bar, also in remarkable proximity to Ray Bensons Roadhouse Bar.....a coincidence I do not believe but one that I was happy to connect the dots on!

This tiny little Taco Stand was serving literally nothing more than four varieties of tacos an appeared to be doing so by the hundreds. The aroma and the simplicity of a quick taco or two was too much to bear and I found myself standing in a line of other weary travelers.

The Green Chile Pulled Pork taco sounded as though I was being put into a meditative state and with a Salt Lick Carne Guisado to accompany it, and a tall Texas Red Amber to 'wersh' it down with my desires to remain in Austin indefinitely were only overcome by the announcement that my flight elsewhere was boarding. 

The Pulled Pork Taco could quite possibly be the best tasting, most mouthwatering Taco concoction I have ever enjoyed and left me pining for a second. Perhaps unfair but in comparison the Carne Guisada Taco of slowly braised sirloin brisket paled by comparison and resembled what you American's call a 'Sloppy Joe' sandwich. I once knew an inspector at Scotland Yard they used to call 'Sloppy Joe' whose appearance was so unkempt that had his keen instincts for foiling capers not been so high his days in the field of investigation would have surely been short lived.

The Salt Lick Taco Bar and Ray Benson's Roadhouse Bar are two Airport Food hangouts that I will most assuredly be frequenting again!

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